Office 365 Tasks - how to link with a project?


I have a home Office 365 license and am trying to get GTD running on it. I would love to use Microsoft Planner but unfortunately one cannot add that to Home Licenses.

Consequently I am looking to use Tasks and manage them in Outlook and To Do. There has been much discussion here about these tools, however nothing seems to address the particular problem I have:

How to link a Project with a Task?

Separate lists for a project soon becomes unmanageable. Similarly using hashtags is not ideal as its a little awkward.

I was hoping for any suggestions for what people do?



I know you said Hashtags In Microsoft To Do are awkward but here is how I use them. I have client numbers so for example I have #1037 in front of every task ie the project or the next action etc for that client . I also have a list called Hashtags. If I scroll to the client on the Hashtag list and click on the client number, in this case for example #1037 it will list all of the items with the #1037 in front of it (or if you are in any list and click on the hashtag you want it will bring up the list too. I just have the hashtag list because it is quicker for me). Under the task details it shows what list it is on i.e projects or the Next Actions or @computer or Agenda or whatever you have named your lists. So I can track all the items relating to this client quickly. If it is a big project I may also have something like #1037ProjectA. (Make sure there are no spaces after the hashtag unless you don't want it include in the search. It also remembers them so if I type #1037P into a new task it will bring up say A B or C and I can select the one I want instead of remembering what I named it). This is also another reason for the Hashtag list, I set it up there first and then it pops up as I type so I can select the one I want for consistency. I also have the Hashtag list at the top of the page so I can get to it quickly Hope this helps.