[Pool] How often do you process your inbox?

How often do you process your inbox?

  • Daily

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  • Every other day

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  • 2 - 3 times a week

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  • Weekly

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Hello fellow GTDers :)

I am trying to improve my systems and I am wondering how much time do you invest in your system?
I have found, that if I don't review my inbox daily, (Of course check my next action lists) and even check my project list. I fall off the wagon pretty fast.
So, let's collect some data.

David is mentioning in his books that he is getting to zero at least every other day. How often do you process your Inbox/ get to zero?


I spend about 2 hours a day handing and processing inputs from my various inboxes. ie defining work.


I strive to get to Inbox Zero on my company email Inbox every day. I will go for weeks doing so - and then occasionally fall behind, e.g on vacation.

My personal email Inbox, circa once a week. Most often on a plane or train.

I have some other Inboxes - literally, I use "Send To" or "Print To" to capture web pages, screen shots, etc, to a single OneNote notebook I call "Inbox". I process those less often, although I strive to do in the GTD weekly review.

But even if I don't process all of the Inboxes in as timely a manner as I would like, I find that it helps me greatly to know that I have reliuably captured all or most of the stuff I care about in one of these Inboxes.

I.e. I think I have GTD Capture down, for years. I am working on the regular processing part.

Stephen Dewitt

I have a way of indicating things I chuck in my inbox that may need checking the next day (pretty liberal with this), so don't empty my full inbox (I throw a lot of random thoughts and ideas in every day) every single day but I get it completely empty at least every week and it seems to be working