Step 5: Engage (work with context lists or with projects)



how do you work with all your context lists?
David Allen proposes to watch the context lists which are related to the present moment and decide then "by feeling" which is ideal task.

I ask, because I have also several projects that have tasks, which relate to the same context (e.g. "Computer").
Instead of watching my context list "Computer" I could also watch directly the project to work only on this project.

The advantage of the "watch context lists" method is, that you have an overview, so that you can decide better which task the highest priority to you has.
On the other side, it seems to me, that it prevents you from woking focused only on one project at a time, because if you have completed one task, then you watch again the whole context list and see all the different tags form different projects.


I have two modes that I often use:

Keep working on a project until I have to stop
Once I have turned on the hob, I might as well continue cooking dinner.

Batch multiple actions from the same context
While I have my old clothes on and my hands are dirty, I might as well crank through all the garden jobs.