1. E

    Almost there - help with projects/sub projects/Next Actions and using Nirvana

    Hi! A really long title so its easier for people to understand what this is about. I did some searching, but to quote U2, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm finally going to commit to using GTD. I've listened to the audio book a few years ago and made a half hearted attempt at it...
  2. M

    If new project: when to create all necessary actions (using Nirvana)

    Hello, I started GTD a few months ago using NirvanaHQ and I love it. But something I don't quite understand. When starting a project, when do you create all actions? Option 1: whenever you want. Nirvana, when you do not make at least one action, the project doesn't appear on your next...
  3. M

    Step 5: Engage (work with context lists or with projects)

    Hi, how do you work with all your context lists? David Allen proposes to watch the context lists which are related to the present moment and decide then "by feeling" which is ideal task. I ask, because I have also several projects that have tasks, which relate to the same context (e.g...
  4. M

    Difference between a goal and a project

    What’s the difference between a goal and a project except the following points? Project (Horizon 1): - more than 2 steps - reachable within 1 year Goal (Horizon 3): - relates directly to the vision - areas of responsibility and focus follow from the goal - reachable within 1-2 year Does this...
  5. D

    How to study long life education with GTD help?

    Hello comunity! :) My question today goes to long life education. For example you are studying some martial arts like brazian jiu jitsu, which is endless study of techniques, principles and then training them. How would you aproach this? It is stressing me to make projects out of that, or...
  6. Jorge Green

    What would the GTD approach be to 'negative visualisation?'

    Should we note down potential negative outcomes to situations and review them as much as we review our positive outcomes? I'm probably overthinking this... I do have OCD tendencies. Just curious what people think. Thanks!
  7. T

    Another “Areas of Focus or Project” thread

    I’ve enjoyed reading the very many posts on this topic. In particular @TesTeq posts on hard lines between AofF and Projects. However, I think I’m also getting stuck in a world between project and area of focus. As part of my job i lead large negotiations with Companies over extended period...
  8. E

    Looking for clarity going from Next Actions to Projects

    I'm new to GTD and while I feel confident it will work for me I am struggling to fully grasp part of this system. The whole next actions thing is throwing me off. What i usually do is either daily or in weekly review just write everything done in my head that I have to do, be it personal...
  9. M

    Nozbe label

    Hi all It does not ring a bell how I transact label. That is I cannot understand how the label is connected with project and task. Please refer to the following screen. However, I am afraid I cannot classify label as I like...