Things GTD guide


In reading through the Things 3 guide again, i’m not clear on why it recommends not using the built in Someday list. It indicates that would be duplicative to creating a separate someday/maybe list, but why not skip creating the list and use Someday?


Purchased the Things 3 setup guide some time ago and was really disappointed. There are more topics than what you write I had to disagree with.

You may of course use Someday for someday/maybe. I even keep things in Someday without any tags.

If you are interested in further exchange, feel free to initiate it.


I am currently using Things 3 along the lines Cultured Code intended, with a few extra wrinkles thrown in. While I view my usage as broadly compatible with GTD, it is not a simple transcription of a paper system. So far, it is proving extremely successful. My mind is so much like water, my wife is complaining about the puddles on the floor. ;) So far, so good, but I’m giving it a bit more time before I describe it here.