setup guide

  1. alex143

    Digital Tickler Setup

    Hello, Is there a GTD recommended way to setup a digital tickler system? I thought that the setup guides would provided guidance on setting up a digital tickler file but each one just has an asterisk saying to see the GTD book for more information. I have the older edition of Getting Things...
  2. StephenAdams

    Use of single list with filtered views of that list or multiple lists in Todoist

    Hi everyone, I currently use Todoist as my tool for GTD and in my setup, I have multiple lists, some for projects and some for areas of focus. I then use labels and filters to create a view of the Next Actions by context. I was wondering if I do need all these projects in Todoist, I could have...
  3. G

    is there a complete setup guide for todo.txt?

    hello, I recently discovered todo.txt and want to evaluate its command line tool for GTD. Can anyone recommend a complete setup guide for GTD with `todo.txt`? The tool is very bare bones but can be modified for any purpose. I am trying to figure out how to set things up, because the concepts...
  4. Cdkenned

    Things GTD guide

    In reading through the Things 3 guide again, i’m not clear on why it recommends not using the built in Someday list. It indicates that would be duplicative to creating a separate someday/maybe list, but why not skip creating the list and use Someday?
  5. D

    Agendas in Alternate Setup Method for Todoist

    The GTD setup guide for Todoist lists and alternate setup method on page 21 where (in summary) you list all projects in "Projects" and then use "Labels" for setting the context. I like this method because it allows you to separate "Next Actions" from "Future Actions" based on the presence or...