What exactly in GTD drawer, how to classify them?

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    Dear All,

    Greetings from Turkey,

    I am setting up my physical environment with drawers with GTD. I have stuck with some problems that I want to take your recommendations about:

    There are 4 drawers for hanging files:

    I do not know how to organize these 4 drawers. Can you help me how to design those drawers? From the video, 2:11, David has:
    1) Tickler File
    2) Reference Filing System which is A to Z alpha filing system. (I can spare two drawers for reference filing system: 1st drawer: A-L, 2nd drawer: M-Z)
    3) The filing system that needs action I understand it from David saying in the video "current projects coming toward me" such as "TALK to John". how to organize the filing system that needs action? is it like an alpha system for all (closed, active, passive) projects.


    Like S letter, I will have this S separator for 29 letters (A-Z) (Alpha filing system) for both reference file system and the closed, active, passive projects (which needs action). did I get it right?

    To sum up:
    First drawer: Reference filing system A - L
    Second Drawer: Reference filing system M - Z
    Third Drawer: Tickler File
    Fourth Drawer: All (Closed, Active, Passive) Projects

    if it is not true (or there is another better way), what is your suggestion? my mind gets very confused, how do you suggest to organize the drawers? or how do you set up your drawers? does it process in the way you want?
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    Hello Kerem; First thanks for sharing this video. There were so many nuances of GTD I picked up on from seeing Dave in action! My "next action" after seeing that was to put a pad of paper and pen in the corner of my desk. (It took less than 2 minutes to do so I did it right away ;))

    For my 1-31s, I use something called a "accordion file". I think the manufacturer is "Pendaflex". Every evening, when I plan my next day, I take everything for tomorrow's date file out and dump it on my desk. I do the same thing with my physical inbox and I go through what I have to do the next day.

    I also have a four drawer filing system;
    1. A-Z - I go through once a year
    2. projects-reference material
    3. Financial Jan - Dec each file has my receipts for that month
    4. archives - everything going in has a date to shred and discard on it

    In North America, not a lot happens between December 24 th and January 1st. Thus, it is a great time to go through your files to discard and re-evaluate.
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    There's a new video on GTD Connect where David shows his very latest office space in Amsterdam and explains how he deals with reference.

    Getting Control of Reference

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