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  1. yentltijssens

    Issues with projects and areas of focus

    I have used OmniFocus together with the GTD method for half a year now. The things I need to do in my life are quite diverse and complex, so the folder structure in which I organise my projects looks quite crowded and I don’t like how overwhelmed I get by it: Then I read the pdf on implementing...
  2. T


    i am a bit confused as to how to set up projects and support material. For example, I need to order a new pool cover. So on projects list do I write down research how to measure for a pool cover? That would be the next step. Or do I write down new pool cover and then a sub list of all steps I...
  3. kerem parlakgumus

    What exactly in GTD drawer, how to classify them?

    Dear All, Greetings from Turkey, I am setting up my physical environment with drawers with GTD. I have stuck with some problems that I want to take your recommendations about: There are 4 drawers for hanging files...
  4. J

    Next Actions and Projects - with Evernote

    Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and come up with Multiple Next Actions, and return (organize) them to the Next Action Notebooks? or leave them in the Project's Notebook
  5. T

    Where to keep a list of project actions?

    Hey GTD'ers, Question for you.... Your projects list I understand should consist of only projects and perhaps only one next action there as a place holder/reminder for the next step needed to push it forward. What do you do in the case where the project is bigger or more complex and you need...