What type of physical inbox do you use?

Josh Mitchell

These days I am using 2 of the Victor side-loading trays from Amazon.

These plastic ones on Amazon are also nice:

One of these days, I'd love for someone to sell me their David Allen GTD Fedon tray...


I'm happy with the cost and serviceability of the desk trays I've had nearly forever. They are not fancy, just black plastic, but they look fine and they work well. They are not quite long enough to hold legal-sized items, but they fit letter-sized items with about an inch to spare. They hold a couple of reams of copy paper with no problem as well as lablels and envelopes and supplies. They are open for access on their longest side (side-loading). I was surprised to find what looks like the exact same product at about $21 for six stackable trays. Here's the link:

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I am pleased with both the affordability and durability of the desk trays that I have owned for a considerable amount of time. Although they may not be extravagant, being made of simple black plastic, they possess a decent appearance and perform admirably. While they fall slightly short in accommodating legal-sized items, they comfortably hold letter-sized items with approximately an inch of extra space.