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There was no technical reason. Both apps are too similar and both are great.
It was TRUST that I have towards Nirvana. I know I can be sure that Nirvana is going to be a reliable, stable and permanently running service. That is it.


I'm glad to see that you returned to Nirvana, can you explain your experience with Everdo and what has motivated your return to Nirvana?

The Nirvana team is working on translating the app into other languages.

My good friend Elbert Mc Laughlin (CEO of Nirvana) contacted me in July to comment on some things about the Spanish translation.

Friends, Nirvana is still alive, it always has been ... I think its long life on the web proves it, Nirvana has been with us for 11 years.

We have always said that we would like to receive more updates and improvements, but .... I work as an IT Technician, .....

In technology there is the saying: If something works, don't touch it.

It is true that we would all like more updates, more features and improvements, but ... honestly, Nirvana works very well. If it is true, it has a bug that must be corrected, but it does not prevent you from using the application, much less trusting it.

I have known Nirvana since I discovered it, I think I remember that it was around 2010 (when I began to be interested in GTD) and it was one of the first applications specially designed for GTD that I found.

I signed up and I have always had data in Nirvana, some time I have used it as the main application, another time I tried omnifocus, todoist, wunderlist (RIP) ...

Now since 2015 (6 years) I have been with Nirvana without changing.

I have never, never, lost data on Nirvana, never had the feeling that I couldn't trust it.

Yes, we users may want more functions, but I tell you one thing

Above any function, the only thing I ask is that it be reliable, and that it allows me to get things out of my mind without fear, and that does it in an excellent way.

Attached files? what's the problem? it is stored in Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Onedrive or any cloud storage and a link is put.

Topics? ... I always have Nirvana in dark mode, I love it.

You have to be patient with the nirvana team, they go at their own pace and as has been said on occasion, it is not their main business, they are a Marketing and web design agency in Montreal with a small team dedicated to Nirvana.


I'm glad you're back
I agree…mostly. What has given me pause is when they introduced calendar integration last spring. They did not include the ability to filter calendars so every Google calendar I have (10) shows up in Nirvana. When I contacted them 2 days later they responded to say they would fix it. That was over a year ago I believe, and still no fix. I understand this is not a Nirvana support forum, but that, to me is an illustration of a bug that was never addressed. (I call it a bug because every other app I have seen that has Google calendar integration allows you to select calendars). So this, coupled with the very sporadic communication with users caused me to bail after 3 months, despite having paid for an annual subscription.