1. G

    Projects and Next Actions - Just Starting GTD - Using Reminders app on MacOS

    I just wrapped up GTD webinar and am excited, and a little confused, about making it work for me. Some feedback would be great on organizing my system. I plan on using the Reminders app on the MacOS Let's say I have a project called - Kid's Rooms and my next action is to "set budget with kids"...
  2. Héctor

    Should projects always have a completion date?

    Hi all, In GTD, projects are defined as outcomes with more than 1 next action associated, that should be complete within a year. Most of my projects doesn't have a specific deadline, and GTD recommends not to create fake dates, as your mind would stop trusting the overall system. Do you have...
  3. A

    Question on how to track a project with lots of sub projects/next actions

    I’ve almost finished the GTD book and I am hoping to start working on implementing my system over the weekend. I am currently thinking I am going to start off with a paper-based system until I get comfortable what works best for me. In my work I have several different areas of focus which all...
  4. tsolignani

    how do you handle permanent projects

    Most projects are groups of tasks, you do every one of them and voila you can close the project, it's done. Sometimes there are permanent projects though, such as "working on my blog" where there is no "final subtask" but the project stays open indefinitely. How do you handle those projects...
  5. L

    "Clients" as projects

    Hi all, Within my work role I have a number of clients that I work with. I am responsible for achieving a number of outcomes for each client. My question is how others would or do manage this situation within the GTD process? Is each client a project with several sub projects? Currently I...
  6. Coachrubi

    Projects and next actions

    When you create a project, do you have the next actions for that project in the same notebook or page with that project, or does it go on a separate next actions list? If it does go on a separate list, do all next actions for each of your projects, let's just say you have 10 projects you're...
  7. T

    Project vs someday maybe

    so I want to build some hanging storage in my garage. It’s not high priority I don’t know when I will get around to it but at some point I will build and install them. Since it’s vague does it go in someday maybe or projects and when is it listed as measure garage space for storage, which is the...
  8. Y

    Project definition/format: full vs task+subtask form

    Hello all, (long thread -- brace yourselves :) ) I would like to get some feedback for what you think about how "projects" are defined and how they should accordingly be handled. Up until now, I have never adhered strictly to DA's rule that a project is anything that requires more than 1 step...
  9. E

    Understanding the evolution from action to project to completed

    I have posted about this topic numerous times and it's close to clicking for me but no one's explanation has gotten me there yet, though the responses are good and appreciated. My confusion stems from my profession as a consultant (ha ha go figure) and how I view a project versus GTD. Here's...
  10. C

    Projects and Areas of Focus in Toodledo

    It's time to optimize further my system. That's said, I'd like to ask how do you practically manage your Projects list and your Areas of Focus in Toodledo. And do you manage in toodledo your other altitudes of perspective? And if you used before Toodledo, but you faced a restriction...
  11. J

    Next Actions and Projects - with Evernote

    Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and come up with Multiple Next Actions, and return (organize) them to the Next Action Notebooks? or leave them in the Project's Notebook
  12. T

    Where to keep a list of project actions?

    Hey GTD'ers, Question for you.... Your projects list I understand should consist of only projects and perhaps only one next action there as a place holder/reminder for the next step needed to push it forward. What do you do in the case where the project is bigger or more complex and you need...
  13. C

    Getting back into GTD. Feel like I was going about it totally wrong. Looking for some feedback.

    I've been off the GTD Wagon for almost a year now and I'm trying to climb back on. I can't specifically recall what led me to drop the process altogether but there was something about it that was causing me stress and making me dread opening up OmniFocus every day. Eventually, I started to...