When I started out in GTD, I made some of my biggest steps in understanding and applying it by being able to see concrete examples of people going through the process.

Which is why I made this video compilation! It's 3 good examples of people going through the key GTD principles:



You survived the DA "What does that mean?" Interrogation - on path, thru clarity, towards freedom. Great work!
You work with Jessica, and you don't have an Agendas-Jessica list!!! And you have different roles (20K) - Work Partner; Husband.
I love DA - "Write that down... Now... I don't see the hand moving much. Write!"

Really good intro Video to GTD, and nice to hear voices of Meg and Marian.

Wilson Ng

The Weekly Review is the secret sauce to keep it all together. When life goes crazy and I lose track of what is going on around me, it feels like a tornado and I'm just trying to find shelter. Using the weekly review to survey everything in my domain allows me to recalibrate, get my sense of direction back, and re-orient my plans for the next day and week.