1. yentltijssens

    Issues with projects and areas of focus

    I have used OmniFocus together with the GTD method for half a year now. The things I need to do in my life are quite diverse and complex, so the folder structure in which I organise my projects looks quite crowded and I don’t like how overwhelmed I get by it: Then I read the pdf on implementing...
  2. J

    GTD Setup in Notion That Looks A Bit Like OmniFocus

    I would love to talk with others who have build elaborate GTD setups. My setup has grown to try to manage everything I want to do something about and optimize processes that happen on a recurring basis in Notion. If you have not heard about notion before then it is an application that is built...
  3. M

    Sequential projects

    Hello, how do you handle sequential projects? I use OmniFocus for GTD. In OmniFocus you can create “parallel” and “sequential” projects. When I planned some project in detail, I already new in some cases, that I have to do first x after this y and then z. In this cases I used the sequential...
  4. T

    Another “Areas of Focus or Project” thread

    I’ve enjoyed reading the very many posts on this topic. In particular @TesTeq posts on hard lines between AofF and Projects. However, I think I’m also getting stuck in a world between project and area of focus. As part of my job i lead large negotiations with Companies over extended period...
  5. tammie1983

    Omnifocus 3...

    Will there be a new setup guide in the shop for Omnifocus 3? I'm unable to download Omnifocus 2 as they pulled it from the App store because 3 is due out in a few days. I know the guide in your store is for 2, so I'm wondering whether to purchase this or wait and see if you bring out a new guide?
  6. M

    OmniFocus 3 coming

    Some detail here about plans for OmniFocus 3 in 2018 Michael